Thursday, May 3, 2012

One More Time, With Feeling...

Well, I'm back. I've been back for a few weeks, but things were so hectic I couldn't blog. In fact, I could even think about blogging.

Life has remained crazy. I am still in my external fixator. I was doing very well until this past Tuesday. My aide was helping me into the shower when my left foot slipped, and the fixator smashed down onto the shower floor. Pin sites were bleeding, one snapped, and a pain went up the back of my ankle. It still hurts. Cross fingers and say a prayer, everyone, that I didn't break anything internally. If I did, it's the end of the line for my left leg.

We are still pending the sale of my house in North Brunswick. Turns out my roof was growing penicillin. How nice. I had my own drug supply and didn't know it. We had to have it remediated for a nice little sum. Yikes! Now, the house is clean – no oil tanks, no mold, no evil spirits. Please, somebody, buy the damn house!

My doctor told me that I could not chase after or take care of Rufus. My little fuzzy boy is now living with his groomer. She said that, when I'm back on my feet and feeling better, he will be returned, but I'm not sure that would be fair to him or Debbie's family. The little bugger grows on you, ya know? But - Gods – how I miss him!

While I was in and out of hospitals and re-hab for 4 months, I wrote a Sherlock novel called “Journeys End”. I always wanted to do this, and can't really believe I actually pulled it off. My friend, Ellen, co-developed the plot, so she'll also have her name on the cover. One of my doctors in PA recommended an agent (his girlfriend, of all people) so I will start the hunt for representation there. Right now, I'm doing the first typing, then we have to edit.

After that, it's back to “Myth Spelling” and my articles due for Fate Magazine. In the meantime, my article “Whipping Up Wards” is appearing in the Spring issue of Circle Magazine, under the regular feature section.

So, as much as I'm just sitting around with my foot elevated, trying to sort through moving boxes, I still have a few things to keep my mind busy.

Finally, the best news of all: Sherlock Season 2 starts on PBS this Sunday. Yes, the boys are back, and friends are gathering at my place for a viewing. The Gods bless Moffet and Gatiss; they have done it again.

Until next time, be careful out there – and watch those step-in showers.

They bite.