Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ravin' at Mabon

Time seems to fly these days. Lammas is barely over and here we come to the Autumnal Equinox, the start of Harvest, or Mabon. This is the celebration of equal night and equal day, heading into the season of the God (which really begins at Samhain – Halloween for you “normals” out there).

In times past, I would be holding Circle, either here at home or in Red Bank, NJ. I would have soaked the wheat in preparation of making the corn dollies that mark our particular observance of this turn of the Wheel. We would buy wheat at a craft store, purchase ribbon and thread, soak the wheat, dry the wheat, lug everything up a hill or out by the altar, do the ritual portion of our observance, then settle down to lead everyone in the braiding of the wheat. The resulting “corn” dollies would hold the spirit of fertility during the course of Winter – or fallow months. Traditionally, the corn dollies would be plowed back into the earth when the fields were prepared for planting during the Spring.

Yeah. That's what usually happens... but not this year. My Anam Cara is in rehab after having knee replacement surgery. I'm still tooling around the house on my knee walker. There is no one to buy the wheat, and no tub in which to soak it even if we have some. (While I was was at rehab earlier this year, my siblings had my tub removed and replaced with a step-in shower.) No one is capable of climbing a hill any longer, or hauling vats of supplies through the darkness up to a Circle site.

Me and mine have been called part of the Old Wiccan Vanguard... emphasis on the old.


So in celebration of the Equinox, I shall consume a wheat muffin with creamed pumpkin spice honey, update this blog, and welcome my nephew, later this evening, for a viewing of “Camel Spiders”. Bad movie night lives!

I have gotten word that my shoe and brace are completed. The tech is coming Tuesday for a fitting, so things are coming along. This is the scary time – when the ankle will be put to the test. If it doesn't hold up, then it's game over. I will loose the leg. So, everybody, keep the good thoughts coming and continue thinking “Biped, biped, biped..” I am rather attached to my left leg; it's been with me 58 years and we have a rather strong bond. I would hate to bid it adieu.

I had a little good news, lately. I learned that an article I wrote two years ago is slated for publication next Fall 2013 in Sage Woman. Wow. Such is the world of publication: time moves according to its own clock. For some magazines, three years wait time is a blink of the eye.

With the coming of Autumn, I decided to start something new for this blog: a selection of classical music for the approach of Samhain. I know a lot of you aren't into this genre of music, but you probably have more exposure to it than you realize. I was going to do the selections in some kind of order, but decided against it. After all, who am I to grade these spooky Masterpieces? Instead, I'll merely offer up my picks in no particular order, ending with my absolute favorite on Halloween.

All of my selections are via YouTube, and I tried to pick those that were animated. I am going to start with a piece that has been used for everything from selling cars to advertising running shoes. It's that wonderful work by Carl Orff who, in 1936, took the manuscript Carmina Burana (poems written during the 11th and 12th centuries) and set them to music. The opening song “O Fortuna” has been a staple in films and TV for years.

I present to you two versions. The first shows you the Latin and its translation. It is important for you to know exactly what is being said, because the second version is an animated video based on what some brilliant and creative minds term “Misheard Lyrics”.

Enjoy...and Happy Mabon!

P.S. For those of you in the area, don't forget to come see me at the Para-X in East Brunswick, NJ at the Elks Lodge. I will be lecturing on Wicca, as well as reading the tarot. Event date is October 6th. Please come and say Hi! I'll still be non-weight bearing on my left foot, so come see how I roll!