Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Looking Out The Window

I am half sick of shadows,” said the Lady of Shalott.

Are you familiar with the Tennyson poem? The Lady is kept prisoner in a gray, towered castle on the isle of Shalott. The waters surrounding it stream past and downward to Camelot. She is aware that there is a curse upon her, but not sure of its nature. All she knows is that she must sit at her loom and weave the images she sees in the mirror, reflecting the scenes out her window.

In her mirror, life passes along the road - knights, maids, processions - but the visions that disturb her the most are the lovers who pass by starlight and the funerals that pass by day. This causes her weary statement, “I am half sick of shadows.”

It is only when Lancelot passes by that she looks directly at him through her window, and down towards the town. The tapestry flies from its loom, the mirror cracks in two, and the lady knows the curse is come. She finds a boat, writes her name upon it, and floats towards Camelot, dying before she  reaches the palace.

In less than a year, I have lost three friends:
Lady Olivia Robertson,
Judy Harrow,
 and now my old friend, Joe Scolarice.
I am battling Cancer, along with my brother-in-law and a friend or two. Others are fighting against illness and chronic pain. I, too, am half sick of shadows.

It is too easy to stay tucked away, “safe” within towered walls, seeing the world only through other eyes and venues...

But that's not living.

Despite the fear of our own mortality, we have to see, comprehend, and marvel at the colors and pageantry of life for ourselves, even if it's risky, even if death walks alongside of life, even if we never feel safe again.

So, in honor of Olivia, and Judy, and Joe, I'll keep fighting on, doing what I must and appreciating the gift of each new day and experience. Anything less is not living.

Radiation treatments are done. I am recovering from burns, digestive issues, nausea, and extreme fatigue.
  It IS getting better. I return to the hospital on June 24th. I don't know what they're planning, but it better not be anything too invasive. I need to heal.

To that end, I've been fighting the fatigue by writing. Finally, finally, finally the Hall-Mills Murders story is done and submitted with photos. Best yet, my publisher thinks the story is creepy. Well...yeah! It should appear in the next issue of FATE or the one after. 
                                                   (From "Lover's Lane")
I still have more writing projects, a manuscript to start and one to well as an old project with a partner. I shouldn't be bored.

I'm starting to prepare for the next Para-X. I like to start early so I can set out all my plans. Then, I can take action once Mercury is out of Retrograde.

I am also scheduled to do a book signing on July 26th, Mystickal Tymes, New Hope PA. I'll have free issues of FATE Magazine, plus books, Graven Images Oracle decks, pouches, and a few other surprises. Claude will be my Gal Friday for the event. The store is busting with new things! So come, shop, buy, and have fun with us. I'll post the hours when we get closer to the date.

The other things that help me heal and thrive are my love of Sherlock, combined with my passion for parody. I've found one wonderful YouTube clip that appeals to my Old English Teacher mind set. In fact, it's called... “Grammar Nazi” !

There is also a wonderful summary of Sherlock seasons 1 & 2, done with puppets...

And finally, the parody I've prayed for: Sherlock and Blue's Clues.

In the fight for happiness and joy, humor is a serious weapon. Our day will also come but, until then, find purpose, find allies, find laughter and creativity. Take the battlefield. The game is on!