Sunday, October 11, 2015


Samhain-tide. Next up: Yuletide. Just blink. It's going fast! It's time to consider holiday shopping, both for Halloween and beyond. With that in mind, I offer my first ever holiday blog, featuring my favorite on-line and “brick and mortar” stores, catering to fandom, Pagan, New Age, and offbeat interests!


First up, a great ETSY shop called “Losing The Thread” (

Katy is French born and raised, now living in Ohio. She fell in love with quilting on her first visit to the States. I came upon her shop when I was searching Etsy for Sherlock quilts. Since then, I've made suggestions for her already wonderful shop, and the diversity of her products has grown! She has non-fan things as well, and custom makes many items. She has great skills...and great prices! Here is my custom made Sherlock/John quilt, Sherlock pocketbook (she also does other fan bags), an owl blanket bought for my Great Grand nephew, and the holiday stockings she's created so far. (There are new fan stockings on the way!)

I always wanted to do a celestial blanket, made from squares of my pouch material. Due to the neuropathy in my hands, I couldn't do such a large project. I approached Katy about it...and this is the brilliant result:

Trust me, she is the queen of quilting!

The Charming Frog (

I've mentioned this shop before. Wonderful soaps in all shapes and sizes, with seasonal selections as well!  She has some great witch soaps, classic pieces, Yule/Christmas pieces, etc. She also custom made Sherlock soap for me! Here is something terrific...she can even create a gargoyle chess set for soap! Who else does that???




Statues ranging from Sherlock Holmes to Death and the Maiden, ornaments, and so much more! I particularly love the Krampus items he has for sale and, naturally, I had to buy his Sherlock!

Wicked House Merchantile (

I found this neat vendor when I was looking for bee candle holders. They had them, all right, and so much more! Pagan, New Age, Gothic, Mystical, etc. etc. There is TOO MUCH for me to note here, but the selection is vast...and splendid! Here are some examples:


Dragon Star Creations 1 (

Here you will find some of the most creative and affordable boxes I've ever seen! I've bought the dragon box, claddagh, owl..they even sell smaller, round, boxes with inserts, so you can use them as ring boxes. They have other items, as well, including nice smudge fans and sage bundles. Have a look!

Gorey Details (

Yes, they have E. Gorey items, but they also have jewelry, totes, vases, and things from the dark side. I bought myself a silver left foot pendant. My left foot is the one I almost lost through Charcot, so the pendant is a reminder not to take it for granted. That's my excuse for shopping, what justification will YOU use?



Here are shops which I frequent and admire. They each have varied and wondrous items, fair prices, great, friendly, non-judgmental owners and staff. Beyond that, they are delighted to serve you. I've managed to find videos on YouTube for each of them. They will give you a better feel for the stores.

Mystickal Tymes, 127 S. Main Street, New Hope PA 18938

1-215-862-5629 (

My friends Ed Kimble and Eric Lee have been running this New Hope fixture forever. I love these guys, their shop, and their open attitude. I do book signings here, from time to time, and they usually keep my books and Graven Images Oracle (done with Natalie Zaman) in stock. They are my main “go to” folks for all things Pagan. Books, herbs, incense, stones, charms, oils, etc. etc. etc. Oh my Gods! Check out the photos and video.


Cha Cha Gifts & Wellness Center

1300 Livingston Avenue, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

732-249-2121 (

I discovered this wondrous place about a month after the retail store opened. It's in my home town (virtually blocks away from my house). Now that I moved, I still make it a point to shop here. This is my main place for very affordable stones, bowls (singing and otherwise), geodes, tapes, beads, ..yipes! Too much to even list! Again, great prices and people. See below!


The Creeper Gallery, 7W Bridge Street, New Hope, PA 18938

1-484-469-8453 (

also check out Donna L. Marian's web site:

I met Donna when my sister came back from a show, carrying a doll named “Peg”. She had a mop of curly red hair, a round (and rather dead-looking) face, a pug nose, a peg left leg and a parrot headed cane. In! (except I haven't lost my leg, just a lot of its use).

I begged my sister to sell Peg to me. Then, I bought my own altered dolls from Donna, even a “rotten Rufus” shih tzu to go with Peg. (After the holidays, she'll be working on a “Wicked Watson” for me!)

Donna's work is one-of-a-kind art, and priced accordingly On the show “Storage Wars” several of her dolls were found in a  unit. When appraised they fetched a pretty penny! Buying one of her creations is buying an art investment. Check out her Dark Creation website for her dolls.

Creeper Gallery  has some dolls, but also a variety of other cool creations for all pocketbooks. For instance, I just bought this toothy fellow right here:

Here is a  video about the shop. Also! If you are a writer, they are running a writing contest. The topic: their store window. All genres accepted. They will pick their favorites after Halloween, and then let the public vote. Here's their window (for those of you who live afar):

There you have personal picks for a great shopping experience be you into fandom, fantasy, or Pagan Paths. Tell them Kat sent you..and let me know what treasures you find.

Happy hunting!