Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ya Can't Keep a Good Witch Down

I hardly know where to begin.

I entered the hospital on November 15th, and surgery was the morning of the 17th. By that point, I wasn't scared - just resigned. They used general anesthesia, and I did just fine. They did a bone scan, and there was no infection so they did the fuse as well as the reconstruction.

Surgery was seven hours.

When I woke up, I saw this:

It looked like I had gone marauding through several county fairs, stepping into their ferris wheels. The rods you see are going straight through the bones in my foot and leg.

Does it hurt? Yes. Can I handle it? Yes. I can take it. The worse part? Washing my hair. That's going to be a production.

I am 1/3 weight bearing. Otherwise, I get along on my trusted roll-a-bout. It ain't easy, but it works.

Well, friends, the healing now begins. Thanks for the well wishes, all you who were kind enough to care. To those who few who didn't bother: hate to disappoint you, but I'm still here. You can keep throwing those buckets of water at me, but I don't plan to melt.

When I'm mended, I'll have a mission or two for my flying monkeys.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Off I'm Gonna Shuffle...

Friday was not a good day.

I went to see the local foot specialists one last time before going to Langhorne. They took one look at my ulcer, and went bonkers on me.
It is leaking joint fluid.

That could be very bad – infection bad –

bone infection bad.

They said “Hospital – now!”
I said “No, hospital Monday. I have no way to get there now. The laundry's not done, I'm not packed, and Rufus isn't boarded until Sunday. I can't leave him alone all weekend; he'll loose his little mind!”

They said “Then you must see the Infectious Disease doctor!” (Doesn't that bring to mind a guy in a white lab coat, just bubbling over with germs and virus and boils and stuff? Gag!)

I said “OK, but I have one nerve left. After that, I snap!”

I went home and called my surgeon. He called back and said “Don't freak, Kat. I know all about it. We'll do tests on Monday, and everything possible to save your leg.”

Sigh. I felt better.


Dr. “Control Freak” meet Katharine “OCD.”

The weekend has flown by, and I find it hard to sleep. It's 2am Monday morning. Rufus is safely with his groomer, and my sister will come to take me to hospital in 9 hours.

So, then, the time has come. For all those who have visited with me, made me laugh, and are sending me off with healing energy, white light and prayers, I am truly blessed to have your support and love.

For the two folks who were so negative and self-absorbed they couldn't take the high road and wish me well, I'm sending that energy right back at ya.

I forgive you, and hope the Lords of Karma will be kind regarding your decisions, but it's time to make way for new friends, fresh ideas, and the start of a new phase of my life.

Onward through the fog!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Please Don't Tease The Shamans...


Medical co-payments and billings to Cigna, to date: $2000.

Cost of medical supplies monthly: $54.00

Having health care providers actually willing to TRY masks and rattles: Priceless.


I have to tell ya, I was going to call this "The only other treatment Cigna would approve." However, when your foot and ankle specialists have the humanity to dress up in shaman masks, turtle medicine pouch, smudge fan and antler rattles for your blog, there is one more VERY important treatment: laughter.

These are the doctors you want taking care of you - the ones who care holistically about you as a person, not just your feet.  I wish I could name them for you, but I promised I wouldn't.  More's the pity.

So, here's to you, men in masks! I may be going under the knife with a different surgeon, but you'll always be my favorite "witch" doctors!

I'll blog about the upcoming surgery next week, before I enter the hospital. Ugh!