Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Please Don't Tease The Shamans...


Medical co-payments and billings to Cigna, to date: $2000.

Cost of medical supplies monthly: $54.00

Having health care providers actually willing to TRY masks and rattles: Priceless.


I have to tell ya, I was going to call this "The only other treatment Cigna would approve." However, when your foot and ankle specialists have the humanity to dress up in shaman masks, turtle medicine pouch, smudge fan and antler rattles for your blog, there is one more VERY important treatment: laughter.

These are the doctors you want taking care of you - the ones who care holistically about you as a person, not just your feet.  I wish I could name them for you, but I promised I wouldn't.  More's the pity.

So, here's to you, men in masks! I may be going under the knife with a different surgeon, but you'll always be my favorite "witch" doctors!

I'll blog about the upcoming surgery next week, before I enter the hospital. Ugh!

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