Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Thanksgiving is upon us, a celebration of the harvest and a mythical event during which Puritans and Red Indians sat down to a mega-feast. Meh. Can do without the calories, but I do want to take stock of those things for which I am extremely grateful.

I am grateful... that I survived three years with my left leg still attached to the rest of me. A current x-ray showed that the ankle is stable. It may not improve, but it's holding up.

I am grateful ... that, due to disability and the official termination of my employment, I no longer have to serve the almighty corporate paradigm.

Additionally, I no longer have to deal with the slightly anti-social behavior of fellow team mates whom shall remain nameless.

I am grateful... that they built one of these virtually down the road. Hooray for “Tar-jay”.

I am grateful... I do not have to catch, kill, pluck, stuff or cook one of these.

I am grateful... for my family,

 and the opportunity to have a meal at the Cock & Bull in Lahaska on FRIDAY, instead of mucking around in the expected snow and slush on Thursday.

I am grateful... that no on made me a broccoli turkey like this. And NO...don't try.

I am grateful... for my friends, especially when they do the non-glorious chores I can't do for myself, like garbage patrol

and driving my sorry bum to doctors, x-rays, shops, ad nauseam.

I am grateful... for the opportunity to write the articles and books I feel passionate about for Fate Magazine, and Galde Press, due to my lovely editor/publisher Phyllis Galde.

I am grateful... that my fight against Cancer has not defeated me.

I am grateful... for Sherlock, it's cast and crew, for giving me an outlet for my love of things Sherlockian. By extension, I am grateful there are many more like me in the fandom who share their writing, art and enthusiasm.

I am grateful... for my brother and sisters...nephews and nieces...yes, all of you... and that my brother-in-law is here to share the holidays. 'Nuff said.

I am grateful... I still have this guy to keep my bed warm at night.

I am grateful... to the Anam Cara, even when she spins out of control and yells.

And, finally....

I am grateful I only have to do this list once a year!

Peace, Love and Light to all of you this Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


I really like cemeteries. Well, I guess being the co-creator of the Graven Images Oracle Deck might have given you folks a clue. A few of us had decided to go back to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn during “leaf peeking” season. That didn't happen. We rescheduled for November 5th (Guy Fawkes Day, remember, remember?) and it ended up being only my pal Ellen and me.

The day was overcast, which was actually a blessing. Ellen has eye troubles, and driving without fighting bright sunlight was easier for her. Going mid-week and mid-day resulted in less traffic, and we both think the foliage stood out brighter against a gray sky.

All the photos were shot from the car, except for the chapel interiors. Ellen braved the non-railed steps to get some lovely shots, especially the chandelier! Here, then, are the best and most unusual shots. Enjoy..and if you can, try and visit this amazing place. It's well worth it!

The exterior of the chapel

The interior door

Several stained glass windows and the beautiful lights!

We were fortunate enough to see a lovely crane on the pond. We missed a shot of his wing display, but managed to get him standing on one leg.

I made this photo x-large so that you can read the steps. They led to a nice tomb, but the dearly depart obviously had a final word or two.

Typical lovely color

Yup. That's a bear, alright.  Don't ask us; we have no idea.
I thought this looked familiar. I asked Natalie. We used his NJ twin for our "Petition" card.  Duh.


There is every kind of memorial at Green-Wood.
Little "houses" on the hillside...

There are hills and dale, and scenic views galore!
You can even see the river.
My favorite shot
Reminded me of Central Park, for some reason.
Ellen thinks this would be a spooky place to R.I.P.  I love it!
However, this is more my style.

There is every kind of angel here...

...and unlimited urns.

So, take a trip through those majestic gates.  Enter a world of wealth, history, beauty and, yes, death. I hope you enjoyed my tour!