Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Thanksgiving is upon us, a celebration of the harvest and a mythical event during which Puritans and Red Indians sat down to a mega-feast. Meh. Can do without the calories, but I do want to take stock of those things for which I am extremely grateful.

I am grateful... that I survived three years with my left leg still attached to the rest of me. A current x-ray showed that the ankle is stable. It may not improve, but it's holding up.

I am grateful ... that, due to disability and the official termination of my employment, I no longer have to serve the almighty corporate paradigm.

Additionally, I no longer have to deal with the slightly anti-social behavior of fellow team mates whom shall remain nameless.

I am grateful... that they built one of these virtually down the road. Hooray for “Tar-jay”.

I am grateful... I do not have to catch, kill, pluck, stuff or cook one of these.

I am grateful... for my family,

 and the opportunity to have a meal at the Cock & Bull in Lahaska on FRIDAY, instead of mucking around in the expected snow and slush on Thursday.

I am grateful... that no on made me a broccoli turkey like this. And NO...don't try.

I am grateful... for my friends, especially when they do the non-glorious chores I can't do for myself, like garbage patrol

and driving my sorry bum to doctors, x-rays, shops, ad nauseam.

I am grateful... for the opportunity to write the articles and books I feel passionate about for Fate Magazine, and Galde Press, due to my lovely editor/publisher Phyllis Galde.

I am grateful... that my fight against Cancer has not defeated me.

I am grateful... for Sherlock, it's cast and crew, for giving me an outlet for my love of things Sherlockian. By extension, I am grateful there are many more like me in the fandom who share their writing, art and enthusiasm.

I am grateful... for my brother and sisters...nephews and nieces...yes, all of you... and that my brother-in-law is here to share the holidays. 'Nuff said.

I am grateful... I still have this guy to keep my bed warm at night.

I am grateful... to the Anam Cara, even when she spins out of control and yells.

And, finally....

I am grateful I only have to do this list once a year!

Peace, Love and Light to all of you this Thanksgiving.

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