Sunday, October 31, 2010

Come With Me, If You Dare....

I thought today would be an excellent time to give you a tour of my den/workplace/sanctuary. It's like this all year round, but takes on special meaning for me in the Fall. Here, then, is my Halloween Room!

We start with the door. I found these “clings” last year at a near-by shop called “The Brass Lantern.” In the center of the door is a mail carrier painted by a great New England artist who sells on E-Bay.

Next, the closet wall. Over my printer I have 6 mourning icons – cemetery scenes embroidered with human hair, in memory of loved ones who have died. Most are from the mid-1800's. One is slightly older.

On my printer top are some photos, my clock, and an interesting goth girl statue that greatly reminded me of an old friend. Hummm.

Above my computer is an original Pauline Campanelli titled “Candy Corn.” Pauline, I miss you!

To the left of my desk is my writing desk, done by the same artist that did my mail carrier.

On the “deck” wall, we start with my dolls. Most are Donna Marion originals. Here, under Pauline's portrait, are several, along with some Halloween bowls, Jim Shore's " Grim Reaper” and even part of my 5 x great grandfather's headstone!

On the opposite side of my deck door, I have a high boy, given to me by Gary. This holds various dolls, boxes, a beautiful stain glass lamp from my Jen and Lars (orange, of course), and flying overhead – two witches on brooms.

The next wall features my bench and more Donna Marion.  First is Crystal, then comes Jewel. Jewel reminded me of Pauline, and the way she use to do her make-up and hair. The last is named “Peg.” It's hard to see, but she does have a peg leg and a cane. On her lap is “Rotten Rufus,” made especially for me by Donna.

Finally we come to the book cases. These hold my books and a plethora of Halloween goodies. On top are my paper mache pumpkins, both antique and reproduction. On the small round table is a great witch figurine, as well as a topzie-turvy doll. One side is a bride, and the other – a widow.

Behind me is a cedar chest that belonged to my grandfather. Here is the box where I keep my wands and some of my athames.

So, there you have it – my domain. Enjoy, and have a happy and safe Samhain!

P.S. Even Rufus sleeps on Halloween pillows in the den...and, oh yes! He's the hottest dog in town wearing this year's costume!

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  1. I absolutely loved this post, and it was good to see someone writing about Pauline who was one of my favorite pagan artists and authors ever. I love the painting. Was it ever issued as a print? Her cauldrons are amazing.