Saturday, July 10, 2010

And here we go...

I have never done anything like this before...a Blog, that is. Oh, I have a series of journals reaching back 40 years, almost to the day, but reflection on public display? Not really my thing.
...But my "thing" is changing.
My astrologer says that's to be expected. I went today looking for an update on my health (major issues have loomed over my head for the past 3 years), and on various partnerships, both private and professional.
The good news: something is no longer transit my something else and Neptune has veered off my bumper, after 10 years or more. The bad news: here comes Pluto! Oh, hooray! Something is trine my uncle's station wagon on my mother's side, and even though the worse is over, here comes the chaser.
I am no longer on the dirt road. I am on a paved road with lots of "speed humps". (Why does New Jersey call them "humps" anyway?)
My foot surgery on July 21st will be fine. I will live a long, long life...hooked up to machines... unless I follow every direction my doctor gives me. Humm. I have 4 doctors and no two agree on anything, but I think I know what he means. I am a diabetic in semi-denial. After years of oral medication I have just been put on insulin.
OK - break time over. Everybody on their heads!
So yes, the stars are giving me a message: down with the hash brown; up with the lettuce. The stars are also saying that I am just starting a period of honing down my environment, and clearing out that which holds me back or no longer works for me. (Is that why I can't find the stuffed pony I had since I was four?)
Even though I am a Wiccan Elder, I will be getting more deeply involved not only in my own magical workings but also other aspects of the Occult - like speaking to the dead. (He must know I work in insurance. Asking my co-workers anything IS like speaking to the dead.)
Finally, a romantic relationship will be developing for me in the next year or two. I looked at him as though an ectoplasmic head was growing from his right shoulder. Me? at 56? A round, aging, gimpy grandma? Yes, he says it's true. The other head said nothing.
As to my writing career, I am taking off sans the old partner and teaming with another student. I had a brilliant idea for a book of spell crafting, with an approach that no one has though of before. I'll handle the writing, and my partner ( with my help) will focus on the creative end, developing the actual spell and crafted item.
As to my newly published book, I'm told to go promote it and it will really take off.
OK then! Go buy "Things Your Elders Never Told You" available through both and Barnes &
As to future Blogs, I hope to get better. My spelling never will, which is why books have editors. My apologies in advance.

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