Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Return Of The Native

Ladies and gentlemen, guess who's home? (Drum roll, please..) Rufus!

Yes, the baby is back. Debbie returned him on Monday. It was obvious he was well cared for – and shell shocked. He sniffed around and around until I assured him there was no replacement dog. He seemed confused when Debbie left without him. He jumped at any sudden noise. I understand that one. We live in a quiet household. Deb has 2 girls and a busier life than I. I can see why he'd be noise sensitive.

However – it didn't take long for him to settle in. He was very itchy, despite his pills. I realized they were from 2009, so the Vet sent a current refill, along with a relief spray. I had to throw out his dog bed. It was dirty, and there was no way to wash it. He has others. Besides, it made it hard to use the roll-about in the living room.

He is a good boy around the external fixator. He sniffed it, kissed it, and then left it alone. Even in bed (which he still hogs) he avoids it and sleeps snuggled right up next to me on the opposite pillow. He likes the idea that we both sleep on top of the quilt now and, I must admit, he's a fuzzy little heater. It's much warmer when a shih tzu has your back.

The challenge? Shih Tzu poo. On Tuesday, my brother took me for x-rays. It was a production, but that's a story for another time. When we got home, Jim checked for poo, found some on Rufus' papers, and cleaned it up. Unfortunately, he didn't check the bedroom, where Rufus had taken a “spite dump.” Not pretty. I had to handle it while using the roll-about. It was like trying to wipe up crap while balancing on a Schwinn. A couple more poo piles like that, and I can turn this ability into a Barnum feature. (Like there haven't already been enough circus acts in our family history. One of my great uncles was the “tall man” in a Monmouth circus, while my Great Grandmother's cousin worked for Barnum as a midget and married “General Tom Thumb.” That's the long and short of it! - yeah, it's OK. Even I groaned.)

Through all this adjusting and adapting, I've made a new friend. Actually, it feels as though I've re-met an old one. She's one of the visiting nurses. She walked into my house (Gary was there, as well) looked around and said “Your house has such a cool vibe!” That was it – I knew we would be friends. She said she had the same feeling. Once I'm able to walk, I am going to introduce her to my favorite shops, restaurants. I look forward to meeting her family (one day, when I'm not living my life in lounge wear.)

So, I see my instincts were right. Old makes way for the new, and cycles continue. From this experience I may end up with a better foot and a great friendship. There have been worse outcomes.

Now, if only nurse Peggy didn't wrap these damn ace bandages so tight...

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