Monday, February 7, 2011

One Foot Ahead

It has now been a week since the external fixator was removed. The Old Ones answered my prayers: Monday dawned sunny and snow-free. We only hit one snag – my car was a block of ice and my sister couldn't get the doors opened. We were forced to use her vehicle and – thankfully – everything, and every limb, fit inside.

It was dicey for me, however. Over the last three weeks, I had endured more pain than I have ever experienced in my life, and it was 24/7. I'm glad no one told me this was typical, or I may have reconsidered the procedure. I ended up living on Vicodin and Percoset – something I had never done before. Even at double doses they barely dimmed the agony.

It even hurt if I lightly applied pressure, and I had to make it down the front steps. I did it, but damn near passed out. I think I terrified poor Diane.

Once at the hospital, we switched to a wheelchair. That's where I stayed until we were led to the one-day surgery unit. I transferred to a bed. From there, I was wheeled to the O.R. Holding area, then the O.R. operating table, and then – oblivion.

I awoke to a well bandaged leg and a remarkable lack of pain. Except for an occasional “twang”, it has remained that way. I'm still non-weight bearing while my wounds heal, but that should change by the end of the month.

foot loose and fancy free!
 My one avenue through the pain was creativity. Suddenly, the gal who could hardly sketch the coven symbol can now pick up a pen and draw.

I haven't turned into a Pre-Raphaelite – my stuff looks like the doings of a gifted 12-year-old – but the shift in my ability has everyone completely gobsmacked – especially me.

Gargoyle on the edge
journal dragon

corn dollie

"I can't hear youuuu..."

happy, rosey, little skulls....

(Sorry for the blurry snaps. I haven't quite mastered taking photos of paper!)

Did the intense pain open a creative channel? Did I pay off major Karma, and this is my door prize? I have always wanted to be able to paint or draw, if only a little. I love writing, however, and resigned myself to “painting” a scene with my words, in lieu of a physical medium. So, thank you, Universe. This is way cool!

Meanwhile, my writing has not been neglected. I've had very happy news about a piece I submitted for a major publication, and am awaiting a positive response to a piece sent to another. I proposed two ideas to my publisher at Fate Magazine, one on haunted houses and one on Gargoyles, and she loved both!

A hint as to the nature of the haunted house piece
One is already submitted; the other requires a lot of research. These were ideas I had kicked around with another writer, but they were never developed. I decided they were worthy of pursuit, especially the gargoyle piece. I have contacted 22 New Jersey Historical Societies, and my letters have started to bring results. Some folks seem fascinated by the idea. Now, to get x-hubby and nephew on the road with their cameras. Of course, the “mother load” of NJ Gargoyles is Princeton University, but I suspect my state has a few pockets of marble monsters lurking in the shadows. (Plus, as an alumna from Douglass – Rutgers University, I can't have those Princeton Tigers get all of the spotlight!)

Although progress is slow, work continues on my next book, as well. This is the year of the Golden Rabbit. I was born in the year of the horse but as a Cancerian, with 6 planets in water, a lunar year is my time to shine.

I'm gonna make it happen. Come, shine with me!

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