Monday, April 11, 2011

The Sign Says It All

Yep. I think Erin Smith's art is starting to speak to me. Oh yes, I know, the actual quote comes from the magnificent wit of Dorothy Parker. (She use to answer her phone this way.) Yet, I love the fact that Erin takes her own family photos and makes them into visual comments that -strangely – have become reflective of my own life.

It all started with a small canvas print in a high priced gift catalog. I was having a rough spot in my life and at work, and it just sorta...called to me. It said “I understand your struggle... and some folks just need to get toasted.”

I hung it up on my cubicle wall, and there it comforted me until management bought us all double computer screens. I was working from home for months when these were installed, blotting out my print. So, when I stopped in the office the Thursday before my surgery, I took it home and hung it here, by my own computer.

I would look at it so often, while waiting for a download or printing forms, that I started to wonder about this Erin Smith who knew me so well. I looked her up on Google, and found a world of visual touchstones to my own mortal condition.

It is no secret that my workplace has become a stressful one. I have become quite unhappy, suspicious, and cautious – for reasons best left unsaid. Still, one has to play nice when in the business world. As Mr. Roarke said on Fantasy Island: “Smiles, everyone, smiles!” What could possibly express this divergence of emotion and pretense? A-ha!

My displeasure at the morning work place could best be summed up thusly:

And my personal goal once I've return to my seat?

After all, you should never let your opponent know your strategy.

Why, Erin has cards for all my moods – even a cleaver little card that touches upon my struggle with OCD.

And, as for friends past and present, there are images as well, from the overly excited one..

to the few self-aggrandized...

Yes, Erin Smith knows my life. Check her out at Erin Smith Art.

Oops! I have to get back to work. After all....

See ya'll next time!

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