Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Samhain...

Sometimes, I don't listen to my own advice.

I knew “me and mine” were experiencing difficult times. I specifically made runes to ward my property, even shared the “how to” on this blog. Then, life got busier. I put off charging and placing them. September came – I should have known better.

Because my CRO was not cast properly, my insurance paid for a re-cast, this time by the man who made my original devices. I was prevented from going for my final fitting because Hurricane Irene created the “island” of North Brunswick. I couldn't get over any of the bridges, Route 18 was flooded, the canal was now a river all by itself and – forget East Millstone. If any of you saw Bound Brook NJ in the national news during Hurricane Floyd, East Millstone flooding is it's equal.

I had water in my basement, and a problem with the bathroom wall. It kept changing into various forms of modern art. (No kidding! It was morphing before my eyes!)

Wall as Art
I was to pick up the CRO the following Wednesday. OK. No problem. I also had a two day workshop at the office that was mandatory Wednesday through Thursday. I would miss a few hours, but otherwise could get it done.

That Wednesday, I got up early, took care of Rufus, got out to the car in the scary CRO and shoe (by now, I was terrified of falling in them again), and started the car. I adjusted everything, checked for school kids, started to back out and...BOOM! There was a nice explosion, my car listed to the left, smoke rose in the breeze, and then – silence. To me, it was a blown tire. That's all I saw. I moved my CRO appointment to the following Wednesday and called my boss. Thankfully, my cousin George is an auto genius. He was on his way to change my tire. I assured my boss I would be late, but I would make it.

Two hours and three jacks later, cousin George finally gets the car lifted up enough to see what happened. I knew the news was bad when he walked in the house carrying something that looked like a metal horseshoe. This was not good.

“This is not good,” said cousin George. “Your coil exploded, it shot this piece right though your new tire, and you're going to need a coil, strut and another new tire. Don't know if I have the parts on hand. I'm calling a flat bed to pick up the car. Sorry, Kath.”
(I was comforted by the thought that this happened backing out of my driveway, and not going 50 mph down a country road).

So goes the mandatory workshop. Boss understood, but wasn't happy. Two of us had to miss this event and would need to attend it at another site. She finally found one – Glastonbury CT. The date? Oct 20-21.

Same time as my already paid for vacation. My NON-REFUNDABLE vacation – to Salem Mass. And I was all ready for it!

Eventually we found another venue, NYC in November. Ducky. I can't yet handle trains and subways, I can't park at the Sea Port and walk. That means car service for two days, for which I will probably have to pay myself. Yikes.

I finally charged those runes and had my nephew place them for me in the proper spots. The water in my basement dried. Gold Metal came out and replaced the flashing around my bathroom exhaust pipe. There was an actual hole in the roof caused by Irene (who knew?). I picked up my CRO and my new shoes. I'm still getting accustomed to both, but I can tell the CRO is a vast improvement over the prior. You just can't beat items hand made and personally adjusted by the individual who crafted your device.

Rufus and CRO
I went to my eye doctor and all was well there.
I am breathing a wary sigh of relief. It's still Samhain-tide, however. If it can go wrong it will. However, I think I'm better prepared now. Beyond warding the house, my friend Goldie took a look at my chart and provided some guidance which has proved to be invaluable. Thanks, sister!

I am still hoping I get a few copies of the new Fate Magazine, with my gargoyle piece, in time for my book signing next week. If not, there are still plenty of goodie bags with other issues.

I will be at Earth Spirit New Age Center, Monmouth Street, Red Bank from 12-4pm on Saturday September 24th. Come visit, see the shop, buy a book or a Graven Images Oracle deck. Meet Keith, my nephew and photographer. Have some candy corn and enjoy yourself!

Before I go, I must share this. Keith and I were running errands the day before Irene hit. At one point I had to get gas. We pulled into my local BP station. While filling up, I mentioned that the next Fate article will probably be “Haunted New Brunswick”. I glanced over at the garage bay, then added “And I must be onto something if THEY are here!”

Keith took a quick picture. It's not perfect, but take a look what was in the bay for servicing.

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