Sunday, October 23, 2011


Last weekend's Para-X in East Brunswick was a real blast.  Thanks to New Jersey Ghost Organization for hosting the event, and also to my lovely publisher, Phyllis Galde, for providing new Fate Magazines hot off the presses.

I also have to acknowledge my friend Charlene and nephew Keith for doing all the lugging and setting up/ breaking down that was beyond my abilities. We handed out lots of goodie bags, and sold both books and pouches, we had lovely neighbors in the guise of the Lytle sisters, and generally had a ball.  Would I do this again next year? Absolutely!

Yours truly

The signing table

Charlene in green

Me and ECTO 2

I mentioned in a prior blog entry that I would be doing the Samhain Circle at Earth Spirit on October 30th.  That has now been changed.  The shop decided they wanted a party, instead, complete with psychic readings and a seance. During Samhain season? Well, good luck there, folks.  I'll be safely tucked in bed.

Speaking of Samhain season, I have always said "If things can go wrong, they will"... and so they have.  Last Wednesdsay I took my shower, started putting on my socks and there, on my left ankle, was an ulcer.  I froze.  I thought I was having flashbacks.  I went to see my doctor and, thankfully, it is very shallow. No walking in the CRO until it heals. Therefore I had to 1) work at home again 2) give up my ticket to see the Ghost Hunters at the Count Basie Theatre and 3) cancel my Salem trip.  However! I am happy to report the healing has begun and we have avoided the road I went down last year. Worth a trip to Salem? Oh, yes.

Next weekend, the blog will be all about Samhain - and will also feature some of the gargoyle photos not used in the "Jersey Goyle" article.  Until then, be careful out there.  The worlds are getting closer and closer...


  1. Hi! Are you on facebook by any chance? I have a strange story of synchroncity involving you and your book topic I'd love to share with you sometime. Just purchased (2) copies of your book, one for a friend, one for my wife and I and look forward to reading it. I hope this finds you well. peace.

  2. I don't really use Facebook much at all, but you can always contact me at: I would love to hear your story! Sorry I didn't comment earlier, but life has been a bear. Hope you enjoy the book!