Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Here Comes Shaman Claus


Is “amanita muscaria” or “fly agaric”. It is bright and festive, and highly hallucinogenic. In fact, it puts the “fun” in fungus. BUT.. what is it doing hanging on a pine tree next to an image of Santa Claus? You might be surprised.

You see, these special mushrooms grow under pine trees.
 Siberian shamans collect them, wearing the colors of the mushroom – red and white.

Once collected, they return to their yurt (a circular tent with a smoke opening in the top), climb in through the smoke hole with their sack of 'srooms, and proceed to string them for hanging. When they are dried, they are ready for consumption. AND... they aren't the only ones who eat these mushrooms. Have a look at this clip from the BBC:

No wonder the green of the pine tree, and the red and white of the mushrooms, have become the colors of Xmas, and other red and white decorations – from satin balls to candy canes – follow suite.

Next time: mistletoe.

I saw my surgeon on Monday. Good news! It will still take quite a long time to recover, but so far I have dodged the bullet. He thinks my foot has come along fine, and that I don't have to report back for 6 months. I can't do any marathon shopping or walking – in fact, I should use a scooter or wheelchair when ever possible, but I should be able to progress from walker to cane in time. He also wants me to do gastric bypass. No. Absolutely not. I would consider Lap-Band, but will consult with my primary physician this Spring. Gastric bypass scares the bejesus out of me. I've had enough thrills and chills for a while.

So, my prediction has come true. I said my foot would recover enough for me to “run” from the world holocaust with the rest of you. Perhaps I won't have to worry about the Lap-Band after all.

Until next time, enjoy the holidays. Here's a nice little video celebrating the fly agaric in music and pictures.

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  1. Great post thank you :D
    I thought you might like my midwinter machinima animation,
    'Flight of the Shamanic Santa'
    Blessed Be By Starlight and True Sight,
    Ho Ho Ho ~