Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Always Something

I'm better now... mostly. I've recovered from all the drama of last month. Naturally, it was replaced by other stressful events, so...hey, progress! I still have anxiety and OCD, but now it's over NEW things!

I've been terribly remiss on my sacred stones for each month, so I will review not only February's but also March's gem.

AMETHYST: This is my favorite stone, special to February. The name means “non-intoxicating” and was said to ward off drunkenness. That's not why I like it. (I can hear your evil minds at work!) It also brings good luck, wards off dark magic and negative forces, and aids in favorable outcomes for lawsuits. It also gives access to hidden knowledge.

This stone is a balancer; it keeps you from excesses of any kind. (Will Amethyst ward off Ebay, I wonder?) It helps you relax, sleep, and open the doors to psychic abilities. Keep one near you if you have migraines and tension headaches. I find that it also helps with my OCD. It tends to smooth out the really anxious portions of my thinking. Then again, so does my Lexapro.

AQUAMARINE: This is the stone of the mystic or seer. It was thought that carrying this stone on a sea voyage would assure a safe return to harbor. The name comes from “water of the sea” (THAT was simple!) It purifies its wearer, and opens the doors to mental communication. You could become the antenna for everyone's feelings and thoughts and stress, so make sure you combine it was a grounding stone such as jasper or smoky quartz.

As a healer, this stone is all about the neck and throat, but can also help with bloating. It reduces swelling, and is excellent for thyroid troubles. (Wear it as a necklace.) It's great for meditation and strengthens your aura, which is useful when tuning into others.

Next week, perhaps we'll talk about the truth of Saint Patrick, and the joys of the Vernal Equinox.

On a different level, I found out why poor little Rufus' behavior has altered. Even though other folks kept saying they thought he was acting normal, I know my dog. When company left, he would revert to a rag mop. He had no energy to eat, he was straining to “go”, he felt hot, and then – one day – he couldn't even get off the bed. Finally, Claude and I took him to his doctor on Monday. Long story short: he either has a bladder infection (LOTS of blood in his pee), or he has bladder cancer. The doctor told me that, if the ladder, most bladder tumors are inoperable. So far, Rufus is perking up on the antibiotics. Please think good dogie thoughts. I'm not ready to say farewell to my pup. Plus, he still has a spectacular Halloween costume to look forward too!

Before the siblings' “Grand Inquisition” took place, I did have one more Sherlock item on order. Sherlock and John bunnies! I know. I'm almost 59 and I'm spending my disability check on soft little bunnies. I will not stray again...but I'm glad I got them anyway. Here they are in one shot, and snuggled in with their other Sherlock “friends”.

They are giving out ice cream in Hell because (brace yourselves) I finally wrote and submitted my Glastonbury piece to Fate Magazine. Gee, that only took a year.
I also submitted a poem to Circle Magazine. I still owe Fate one more submission for the Fall on “Haunted New Brunswick”, and I want to do an article on Shamanism for Sage Woman (I can but try).

It's good to be writing again. I guess I owe that little poetry contest a debt of gratitude for breaking down the writer's block and helping me get on with business. No...they still didn't announce a winner. I was shocked when I saw an e-mail from them entitled “Good News!” When I opened it, however, they were just letting me know that all their teas had arrived from England and they also had Cadbury eggs. Oh. Huzzah.

That's it for now. Don't forget to “spring ahead” Saturday night so you can have one less hour of sleep, and one more hour of blurry sunlight.

The Rufus and I wish you a good week!

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