Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Any Bunny see Spring?

Spring Equinox came and went on quiet breath, and Easter has now faded into the same strange mist. It was an odd day. As the nephew and I drove quietly down the country roads on our way to Lambertville, I noticed that the land had not responded to the clarion call of Spring. It was warmish, but damp. The trees were barren, and surrounded by blankets of brittle brown leaves that had been tucked in since Fall. Not a bloom could be seen; no color broke the landscape of brown, gray and faded green. This was true of the people as well - the few we saw. There were no pastel dresses, no Easter bonnets, no stalls of budding tulips. It was as though Nature opened one eye on a dank and silent world, sighed, and rolled back over. It looked more like time for Thanksgiving turkey  than a pascal feast.

Guy and I, trying to look colorful
My sister and Guy had come home to see the family before his treatments started in Maryland. My nieces cooked, others brought trays of various foods and desserts, and we made peaceful and upbeat, if not merry. We didn't shy away from the topic of Cancer, but neither did we make it the focus of our energies. We simply tried to enjoy each other's company.

My niece Becke and her family gave me a beautiful hyacinth, but the pink blooms were almost jarring against the strangely muted colors of the day. Even she said the weather and the world just didn't “look right”, as though we were all poised on the brink of some awakening event. I'm truly hoping that moment is a late but riotous eruption of renewal. Perhaps this year we will have a sudden explosion of color and growth, the Goddess making a statement concerning life, hope, and re-birth.

Fight the vestiges of Winter, my friends. Connect with the flow of energy in the Earth and join your strength with the resurgence of Spring. Keep faith, and anticipate a season of miracles. We could all use it.

Benedict Cumberbatch on set in Bristol: Sherlock series 3
For the Sherlockians out there: Season 3 filming is well under way. Mark Gatiss released the following photo on Twitter, a week before Easter. The caption read “Easter resurrection a bit early”.

That man is a tease. There was also a fan video made of outside/night filming in Bristol. It is below, for your pleasure. Running with Benedict's Sherlock is Amanda Abbington (in red), the real life partner of Martin Freeman. Her character is “Mary”. Dare we hope art imitates life, and she'll play Mary Morstan to Martin's John Watson?

On the writing front: I'll soon be hard at work on “Myth Spelling”, my Celtic Gods book. Also work continues on my article for Sage Woman (if they take it) regarding Shamanism. Finally, I'm delighted to say that I'll be doing an article for Fate on NJ's most famous unsolved murder, the Hall-Mills Murder Case. 

We'll be getting fresh photos, and hopefully new insights. I'll keep everyone posted on our progress (Keith will be my photographer once again, and Gary will be assisting with the research).

Create a beautiful Spring, everyone. Please remember, there is still time to donate to my niece Brenna's  half -marathon in honor of Guy. Every dollar helps...honestly. If nothing else, toss in 5 bucks because she can run a marathon, unlike the rest of us! (Oh, to be young...and have two good legs... and the desire to run...or walk...or waddle..who am I kidding – the desire to get out of bed!)

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