Wednesday, July 17, 2013


My friend Charlene says “GOK” stands for “God Only Knows”. That about sums up the last week or so.

Last week, I had a colonoscopy. I will spare you the details. If you've never had the experience, Let me tell you upfront: It isn't the most pleasant procedure in the world, but it is absolutely essential once you reach 50. This last go-round, they found and removed a polyp. It is being biopsied. Seeing how I already have Cancer, I was very nervous regarding the outcome, but it doesn't seem as bad as I imagined. Even if the polyp is cancerous, the treatment is removal so... done and done.

The worse part is the prep. It's a whole lot of meds and drinks to clean you out, so one eventually lives in the loo. The best part is the stuff they use to knock you out for the procedure. You go to sleep, wake up 30 minutes later with a cold breeze blowing up your tush, and you're done. If all is well, you are free for 5 years. Do your health a favor and risk a little discomfort for the sake of your well-being.

This week, Claude and I were off to clinic. I was examined again. (I mean....come ON. How much could things have possibly changed within the last 3 weeks?) I was a bit miffed by this, so when the radiology oncologist said, “Are you ready for what we might see?” I answered, “I'm fine. But if you see beady eyes and teeth, you'd better back off.”


(Sigh) Never mind.”.... but the only other female in the room was laughing.

Long story short, the radiologist wants us to come back next Tuesday. He wants to carefully study all the charts, past info, etc and decide on a course of treatment. I asked about surgery and was told a lurid story of how the rectum would have to come out, and other things removed. It is a complicated and debilitating process. That will never happen, folks. I can tolerate anything except going blind or living with a bag. I'll take quality of life over length of years, should that be the remaining option. Short of that is radiation: internal? Internal and external? How much healthy tissue and how many organs will be compromised? So, things are still up in the air. Next visit, he wants another CT as well. The goal is to control the disease - not cure it.  They can't. GOK.

All this while still dealing with a gimpy leg. But hey, at least I still have the leg.

Enough of this. Next posting will be an article I wrote a while ago. I just can't find it a home, but I believe it deserves an audience. Ergo, I am going to inflict it on you all! (It's got to be better than hearing about colonoscopies and internals!)

On the Sherlockian front...

Our boys are back from finishing up “The Hobbit” and should start filming the final episode of Season 3 by the end of the month. Apparently, on the plane ride back, Benedict Cumberbatch got bored. Honestly, despite his immense talent and refined public appearance, he is a hyper kid in an adult body. He decided to do the "Harlem Shake" using just his hand.

Once the video hit the news, after being posted by his friend Adam, it gave rise to art like this on tumblr:

Happy birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch. Our Sherlock turns 38 on July 19th. Please find something interesting to read or do.

Work continues on the items for Para-X in October. Pouches of various sizes, Home Warding sets, Ogham rune sets, Witch's ladders, stone pouch kits... no wonder I'm so tired! I will try to take pictures of the hoard very soon.

Keep well everyone, until next time!

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