Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jingle Junk


What a month! It's been a wild ride around here for the last four weeks.
On the 30th, I hosted a party for the nephew's 40th birthday (his mom insisted on paying for food, so I did have help financially. Plus, my oldest sister brought shrimp and deviled eggs. Love those.) It was a nice gathering, with everyone enjoying the food we did not have to cook! (I like the word “catered”.)

Below is the birthday boy, using Rufus to attack his friend Erica.

It gave me an opportunity to see Guy, my brother-in-law, who is battling Pancreatic Cancer. I think he looks good!

Beyond the party, I had a lot of medical concerns: stitches in my toe, Cancer surgery on my face, a Breast Cancer scare, then Claude (my anam cara) had her back surgery. Once home from hospital and re-hab, she had a recurrence of her congestive heart failure and ended up back in hospital. Thankfully, everything is now under control and she is home, being tended by 2 sets of nurses and a physical therapist.

I was so exhausted from worry, stress, lack of rest, etc. that I fell asleep on the sofa edge and tumbled off, into the coffee table. Now the left side of my face will match the Cancer scar on the right side of my face. My glasses are a piece of modern art, my knees feel like they landed on cactus, I have a knot on my forehead...but it could have been worse.

There has been so much disharmony and hardship in 2013 that I am pleased we will soon be waving it a fond “bye-bye”.

I also wanted to do something beyond my usual to settle down the energies in my home. I decided to get a spirit house.

Spirit houses can be large and elaborate affairs, set outside a premises like an intricate playhouse. They can also be small, of modest wood design or painted and tiled. Their purpose is much the same as the altars in ancient Rome, set up to honor the Lares. It provides a place where the household energies can dwell, undisturbed.

The idea of household gods/goddesses/spirits seem to have been global at one point, and survives in various folk forms to this day. This is the spirit house I purchased, and placed near the inside entrance of my home.

It is traditional to place offerings for the spirits. Rather than food or wine, I decided to use seven appropriate crystals and stones:


This stone brings out the best in people. It protects against misfortune. It reduces anti-social, and reckless behavior. It also calms overactive minds.


This is my favorite stone. It is known for counter-acting drunkenness, but it does so much more. It balances emotions and allows the rational side of our personalities to arise.


I think this stone is greatly under-utilized. It's a stone of love, peace and wisdom. It aids you in staying level headed, and helps you stay calm during stressful times and situations.


I just started working with this stone. It can actually take all the negativity in a room, and turn it into Universal love and light. Hematoid is quartz shot with hematite, which gives you quartz clarity along with hematite stability. It's great for grounding.



This sparking purple stone promotes restful sleep, removes stress, wards against outside influences (no problems can walk through your front door!), and even brings luck!

Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz has been known as an emotional rescue stone. When placed with Lepidolite, it also generates love.

And finally...

Clear Crystal:

A nice crystal point acts like a battery to give an extra boost to the combination of the other stones.

Peace, rest, love, harmony and luck. What better for the holidays?

In Sherlock news.....

All the pacing in circles is almost over. We have 4 weeks until Sherlock Season 3, which should be the most fascinating of all (if this teaser is any indication):

The Great Detective returns to the US on PBS Sunday, January19th, at 9pm.

Finally, a joyous Yule and a happy holiday season from the Rufus and me!


Peace, Joy, and a fruitcake free celebration!



  1. I love Spirit Houses--well done as usual, dahlink. Healing energy, especially for these last remnants of 2013. 2014 is going to be spectacular ♥

  2. The same to you Natti. Let's ROCK 2014. Claude and I are dropping weight, getting up and around (she just had major back surgery, as I mentioned), and writing our fingers off. Time to take over the world! bwahahahahah....Shoot! Now I gave away my plan...