Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's A Good Thing...They Tell Me

Alrighty then. We were told, very recently, that this here Oracle thingy that Natalie and I created is now available for Android.  Before, it was available for ipad and ipod. Wanna know the truth? I don't have ipads, ipods, Androids, or minions (that last one is on my wish list).  I have SEEN the Oracle on ipad, and it looked very cool, but technology and I are virtually at odds (kinda a pun).  I have a mobile phone. People call me on it. I can set it as an alarm clock. Life is good. I have a computer. I can sorta still use it, even though I have neuropathy in my hands. "Applications" to me are things you topically put on wounds. I am told, however, that Graven Images is a good one.  That makes me happy. My name is on it.

However, if you are looking for "click me" places to go check it out..erm..I don't know how to do that...big surprise.  Why don't you folks go to Natalie's blog at: . She has a post announcing the above, plus she has clicky places. If I even see her face again, I will rip the knowledge of how to install clicky places from her mind and send her back into the mundane world as a blank slate, upon which the sorrow and depravity of this earth may write.  (Smiley face. I don't know how to do that either.) See, now, if I had minions I wouldn't have to get my hands dirty doing stuff like that myself. (sigh).

So, OK. Go to Natalie's blog for the site shortcuts, and thank you Galde Press and the folks at The Fool's Dog for believing in our deck and working so hard to bring it to your devices. ..and Natalie? If you're out there reading this?  Thanks for the good times we had bringing this project to life...
         but if I ever get minions....

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