Saturday, September 5, 2015


This quote is everywhere on the Internet, and I get it. No, I really do.  "Cat as Divine Being" is a reoccurring theme throughout world mythos.  There are the better known Egyptian ones, such as Bast...

and Sekhmet...

In Norse myth, Freya's chariot is pulled by cats.

Cerridwen, in Welsh myth, has two white cats who do her bidding.

The Irish have a cat goddess, Paulu.

Anahita, in the Near East, was the Lady of Beasts, and depicted holding two lions.

Durga RODE a lion.

And, in Japan, you can find full armies of "Lucky Cats".

They are the perfect witch's familiar, they are beautiful, mysterious, magical, attuned to lunar powers, etc., etc., yeah.

As you know, when Rufus passed I decided to rescue a cat.  Edison Animal Shelter had a Russian Blue.  Here is the beautiful picture of a happy, loving, ball of fur that sucked me into taking him:

And here is what I got when I opened the carrier back at home:

That's right. "Gangsta" cat.

Not only that, I now live with Jack The Ripper.  On the PetFinder site, they should have posted a caveat: "Adopted now and you will receive not one, not two, but FOUR sets of self-sharpening Ginsu knives!" My sister took a gander at my arms and said I look like I have some old lady skin disease. Sigh.

And he plots.

He spies.

He's always watching.


He steals..

blocks my files...

ruins my papers...

refuses access to my printer...

and lurks behind my screen, although he's now too big to do that because he's become addicted to this...

No drawer, closet, or cabinet is safe.

The other day, I went to take my shower.  I closed the door, and blocked it with my knee walker.  After I was done (I use a bath chair) I pulled back the curtain to grab my towel...and found the door opened and the knee walker moved.  There was a rustling behind me.  The cat had taken a shower with me. A revised scene from "Psycho" flashed before my eyes, with sliver gray hairs swirling down the drain.

I found this video, hoping it would enlighten me. After watching, I began to fear the kitty. (To watch, just click the YouTube symbol on lower right of the display.)
He does tricks. Man, can he jump after his favorite cat teaser.

He's devoted to his teaser. He takes it everywhere, dragging it  through the flat at 3am in the morning, like the ghost of Marley rattling his chains. We three must now sleep together: me, Watson, and the teaser, a very strange "meow" a trois.

This is my knee walker.

This is my cat on knee walker.

Any questions?

He has taught himself to run across the living room, jump on my "rollie" and ride it like a skateboard into the bookcase. Cute. However, it puts the knee walker out of reach.  Not cute.
...And yet, Watson has his up side.  He is one picture perfect Blue.  He's smart as Hell and, if I sit down to meditate, or do anything magical, he is right there with me adding his energy.

He makes me laugh. He seems to know my housekeeper is deadly afraid of mice, so he takes his "eeks!" and catnip mousies and leaves them where she will find them unexpectedly. He steals battery tea lights from their holders and rolls them across the floor in a form of "cat bowling".  He cracks me up when he pets my nephew's beard. 

Therefore, I think the "Beast of Rossmoor"  will be in residence for a while. After all, I've given him a proper nickname..."crabcake".   

..but cat worship is definitely off the table. Wish the same were true for Watson.






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  1. LOL He's beautiful! I so miss my little Russian Blue - Stormy. She crossed the rainbow bridge 2 years ago now and I still miss her terribly!