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The Vernal Equinox has come and gone, and Easter is almost over. This is usually the time I write about the Pagan roots of the Resurrection, or about chicks and bunnies, but not this year. Ostara (Vernal Equinox) is the last holiday in the Season of the God. Next up: the glorious Beltain (or Beltane) and the start of the Earth's fecundity. But it's not just about physical fertility – oh, no. It is the celebration of intellectual and spirituality creativity as well. With that in mind...and knowing a lot of creative Jersey Girls... I'd like to celebrate the Goddess by celebrating my friends – and then some!

A painting I had done of Pauline, after her passing.

First up: Pauline Campanelli. Pauline left us in November of 2001 due to complications from polio. I was honored to officiate at her funeral, both as a close friend and fellow Wiccan High Priestess. I miss her greatly, but her work continues on! A good number of her prints are still available at New York Graphic Society, as well as other poster and art stores. Most of her books are still in print. My former hubby Gary Niall and I were proud to be part of “Circles, Groves, and Sanctuaries”.



Tea & Oranges

Wild Roseberries

Apple Trencher


An original : Candy Corn

Next in line is Paula Grimaldi-Reardon, otherwise known as “Pulsating Paula”. She's an old school chum of mine from High School days, has amazing tattoos, and is an exceptional photographer. She has done everything from bikers, to babies, to photo restorations.

Paula was born in Jersey City in 1954. Since the 1980’s she’s been photographing bikers, tattoo artists and general mayhem around the US, with thousands of her shots gracing the pages of magazines like “Biker Lifestyle” and “Tattoo”. She's had thousands of photos published, some even being used in recent, televised documentaries.

Yet that's not where Paula's talents and skills end. See the following selection of work (including things she's done for me). If you'd like to see more, check out her Facebook page: Photography by Pulsating Paula. To check out the full range of her work, go to her web site at:

Natalie Zaman and I have known each other for a long, long time. Together, we created the Graven Images Oracle deck, and ran Broomstix – an e-zine for pagan kids. Natalie still maintains this as a blog. Alone, and with other collaborators, she's gone on to do a myriad of things. Most recently, she's done the text for this totem adult coloring book:

And her own forthcoming book on her magical journeys:

I believe it is due out in September. The best way to keep track of Nat and her mystical doings (workshops, signings, etc.) is to check out her blog at:

Speaking of collaborations..Natalie and I conspired on a manuscript called, “Evergreen”. The focus is using your Yule tree all year long in magical (and green!) crafts and rituals. You can read this book, for free, throughout the year. It is posted in seasonal installments. Just go to:

I should mention that Natalie's daughter, Mari Zaman, is the photographer for this project.

Karen E. Timper is one of the leaders of our local New Jersey Ghost Organization. She and her dad have been doing this for a while, and even have a few publications under their belts.

Her next big adventure will be this summer, when I go with the team to White Hill Manson, right here in NJ. I'm hoping to do an article on the hunt for Fate Magazine.

Their web site is:

Last, but certainly not least, is the Talon Lady herself, Lauren Curtis. Lauren has an impressive set of nails. How does she function in a day-to-day world? She just does! Beyond her fame (“Ripley's Believe It Or Not”, as well as an appearance on the show “Oddities” - selling the shop an antique prostate Lauren is a noted artist and photographer.

Here she is with Rufus, before his passing last year:

Here are some samples of her varied styles, as well as sites where her stuff can be viewed/ purchased/ explored.

4/6/16 - 7/8/16 Opening reception Friday 4/8, 5-8pm
I have 2 of my x-ray digital collages in this important exhibit.
The Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University, 2200 Fairmount Ave., Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Sacred Spaces exhibit at Nails in the Wall Gallery (in St. Luke's), Metuchen, NJ as well as in a group NJ artists show in the New Brunswick Free Public Library, New Brunswick, NJ & will be participating in several NJ outdoor art fests this spring thru the holiday season. (Fine art, photography, updates) (my Blog) (Facebook Art Page) (commercial& fine art) (illustration & fine art)
(Graphic design & fine art)
(Follow me on Twitter)

Well, that's it, my pretties! Get out there and draw, paint, write, dance...whatever floats your boat. Summer is a comin' in, so make art while the sun shines!

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