Sunday, May 1, 2011

Betwixt and Between

You know, Beltain is a funny time of year.
We think it's all yellow flowers and Maypoles, sunshine and sangria, tie-dye and tambourines (I'm a child of the sixties; what can I say) – but don't be fooled. This is a time "betwixt and between", just like Samhain. The gates between the living and the dead open, and we must be cautious regarding thought and deed. There are spirits about listening to your every wish.

I had forgotten. I've been reading a book about Dr. John Dee and Glastonbury, and I started to long for this mystic place that touched my heart so many years ago. I miss the Tor, the ruins of the Abbey, the quiet of the place when the tourists leave, and the winds blowing fresh as the sun sets. “I NEED that now,” I thought to myself. “I need an environment that reminds me of Glastonbury.”

Brother, did I get it.

I wanted to stand on the Tor and look out upon the land and water.

picture by Lynne Newton
 Close!, I stood on the top (of the stairs) and looked out over my own land...and water.

Chalice Well has a beautiful cover and reported treasures sunk within.

My particular “well” also had treasures within. They were no longer sunken, however. They were Alllll over the floor. I'll spare you the details.

The spring that feeds Chalice Well is reputedly filled with the bounty of  another realm. The Gold Medal team visiting my sanctuary said the pipe that filled my “well” was also full of Bounty. Plus Quilted Northern, tissues, and items I no longer use ( but some of my younger pals do). These also came from another realm - the bathroom on the ground floor.

They say the Tor and the Well have been blessed for centuries by Pagan priests, in their white, other-worldly garb, who sanitized and sanctified them for the use of the people.

Like OMG! Me too!!!

And those gentle breezes at sunset? It's around 7:30pm and there are 5 fans downstairs, blowing to beat the band.  They will remain blowing until Wednesday...Yep...24/7...right under my bedroom.  It will be like trying to sleep on the Hindenburg.

The price for all this? $4,600.  I checked. It's the same price it would have cost to go to Glastonbury and stay at the George and Pilgrim for 10 days.

See? Everything I asked for, and at the same price, without leaving the house in which I've been imprisoned for 6 months!!! Oh, I SO love the happy crap that can happen when the worlds are Betwixt and Between.

Happy Beltain, everyone! I'm going to bed. 


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