Monday, June 13, 2011

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Ophelia?

This is Ophelia.
 She is an aloe plant.  Looks normal, no? Her name SHOULD be Cleopatra, for reasons that will soon be clear.

She was a gift from my daughter and son-in-law four years ago, presented to me during my healing Circle. After all, nothing says healing like an aloe...right?
I'm great with outdoor plants, but not so much with indoor. Thankfully, an aloe needs little care. Ophelia grew and had babies. These were also given away as gifts, and Ophelia was given a nice new pot. She continued to thrive, and reach out to the two other plants on my kitchen window sill...and reach out...and reach out... One day, I found her spiny “leaves” forked around the “throat” of my lucky bamboo. She got moved further away, and turned inward towards the kitchen.

While I was recovering from my surgery, I had to wash my hair in the kitchen sink. On occasion, I would feel something tapping the top of my skull. I would bring my head up... and be face-to-face with Ophelia. If a plant could grin... She got turned towards the refrigerator.

So, now I'm not sure. Is she just being her own unique self, or is she trying to make it down and out the kitchen to go snack on the shih tzu?

The jury is still out. I know she's an aloe, but she reminds me of another plant with similar structure:
Cleopatra enjoying a bowl of...?

In other news, I went down to the police station in Somerset and positively identified myself on the janitor's tape (see last entry). It was a shock to my system. I remembered an old school chum who is a lawyer in New Brunswick. I called him about the case, and will meet with him tomorrow. Thank the Gods. I would hate to go through this, relying on a complete stranger.

Meanwhile, I got my new CRO..the “octopus”. That's not the brand name, but it should be. One strap goes across the toes. OK so far. Next there are two straps to the left, and two straps to the right, bolted to the CRO in the center of the back. Being made of Velcro, the minute you get out of the contraption, the straps all start getting warm and fuzzy with each other until there is real jumble love going on back there. It makes it almost impossible to untangle and put back on. (Sight) this, too, shall pass.

CRO - side view

CRO - behaving badly
Oh yes, and the Allergist!. He asked lots and lots of questions. He looked at my picture of my hives, (I'm smart, I took a picture in case they went away on the day of my appointment!)

 He jotted notes, then spit out a really complication name which, in plain language, means “indeterminate hives.”
Yes, I have hives from an unknown cause.
$40 bucks, please.

I still had to go for blood tests because I'm diabetic. We must make sure there are no deadly nasties causing them, just confused, post menopausal hormones. This is typical of my medical diagnoses through the years: I either have 6 months to live, or I have to change my dryer sheets. There's never anything in between.

Well, I start my first day back in the office tomorrow, after which I go to speak with my mouthpiece. Wish me luck.

Next time the entry will be more “food for thought” than “OMG! OMG!” least, I hope so.

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