Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gobble Gobble

Its still Thanksgiving weekend, so I suppose there is time remaining to do the traditional, let's avoid the corny, listing of the things for which I give thanks:

My siblings, who worked miracles for me this past year. They continue to exhibit their love by their periodic Inquisition, making sure I don't slip back down into the Slough of Despond...or the bargain basement of Macy's.
Dr. Siegel, who was willing to take one more chance to save my leg. I know the jury is still out, but amputation would have been a fait accompli without you. And yes, I will joint your Facebook group if I can ever find it.

Keith, who has always been by my side and who always has my back. I don't deserve a nephew like you. I guess you get to burn off a lot of Karma with me around!

My Anam Cara Claude. I love you and can't picture life without you. (Breathe folks, it's platonic.)

My other friends, including the former hubby, who helped me alone the way to recovery.

Debbie, who adopted Rufus while Mama was sick.

The Old Ones, for allowing me the strength to fight on, and all those who kept me in their thoughts and prayers. The trip's not over yet, but I can see the shore.

Thanksgiving was spent at my sister Diane's, with lots of food and a nice peaceful atmosphere. The only thing I missed, from my perch in the solarium, was the opportunity to watch TV. I had no idea how to turn it on. When my brother-in-law wasn't looking, Keith and I pulled out all the remotes to see if any of them would do the trick. It quickly became obvious that any attempt to touch a controller could result in a range of effect, from dimming the lights to nuclear assault.

            There are 16 remotes in this picture. There were more in other rooms.

In fact, Keith and I noticed that it was a rather techno-holiday. The 4 and 9 year old nephews were playing games on their father's I-Phone ( In one case, it had something to do with Stupid Zombies? I don't know. The child can speak as fast as he can type...and that's the 4 year old). Gary was uploading his photos of Jersey shore Sandy destruction, one sister was printing out holiday snaps while the other was pleased with her led lit canvas paintings. One was a church scene with candles in the windows...and they really flickered.

Keith was not approving, trying to put forward the case that the value of art should not be dependent upon batteries. However, there is no male argument that can win out over a woman's perspective of “..But it's pretty!”...and that was ME.

                                         I'm buying this one. Fie on detractors!

I also managed to have a few pictures taken with Gary and Keith, as well as a new one of me which I will use for PR going forward. There were more, but they were on my sister's camera. She doesn't e-mail them very well. They end up huge and unprintable.

So it goes. I was able to get to Diane's by using my shoe and brace. I'm trying to use them 2 hours a day. I was finally able to leave my home via the front door!

For the Sherlock fans...I still haven't decided exactly what the three clue words “Rat, Wedding, Bow” really mean, but I did see that filming of Sherlock Season 3 will begin in January.

Borrowed from on-line fan art
I also found a great video that captures the Sherlock personality. See below for a little fun.

Hope you all had a happy and safe holiday. I'll keep posting right up till Yule. If the Mayans are right, it will be my show finale. If not, we'll go onward through the fog into 2013. It would be just my luck, however, to finally be able to walk only to have to out pace global destruction. Run, Forrest, run indeed.

P.S. Good news! I was just informed that my article “The Tie That Binds” will be published Tuesday as the Sage Woman on-line bonus feature, complete with three of my altar pictures. Gee! The world really MUST be ending, I've been waiting for this to come out for two years. Thanks, Anne!

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