Saturday, November 10, 2012

One for the Books

Apologies for the delay.  I couldn't get to my computer for a while.  We had a little storm named Sandy whip through, and it basically disrupted power, water, ability to find food and gas for almost everyone in the beautiful Garden State.  I was without power from Monday evening, October 29th, until November 7th.  I was lucky enough to stay with a friend who had power restored on Halloween. I had it better than most.

As lights came back on all around us, our little village of retired folks were forced to endure. All of our units are electric, so we didn't even have gas stoves upon which to warm things up.  The Clubhouse was finally opened during the day, where hot drinks were served.  I'm told the Red Cross also came through with soup.  The Anam Cara and hubby stuck it out the entire time. I lost about $340 in food. At first we were told FEMA would reimburse us up to $300. It was a lie.  Why must people poke sticks at us while we're down? It's not kind to spread rumors.

I was no sooner delivered to my doorstep when the snow started to fall.  Yep, snow. Just what my friends down the shore and my sister in the hills near Lambertville needed.  These folks STILL have no power. They were running on generators, but now "people" are stealing them. New Jersians are a tough but caring lot.  We're strong; we band together and help each other.  But every society has its sub-humans. Shame on those who would rip off a family's only source of heat for the almighty buck.  Evolve! Catch up, damn it!

A special thank you to all those crews from across the lower 48 who came to help, and the everyday folks who packed up supplies and drove out here to help relieve the shore.  I also need to mention the crews from Canada who heeded the call.  It's always Canada who comes to help the USA.  Right now, they're outside my sister's house, trying to get the lights back on.  

 Good Canucks. Thanks. Stay for tea.

My former hubby lives in Asbury Park.  He went out after the storm and took a bunch of photos.  Here's a few a la Gary Niall.

Boardwalk Damage
Destroyed Property

The Stone Pony is now beach front.      

I'm particularly upset about the Seaside Heights area.  All my Summer vacations down the shore were spent on the amusement park. Dad couldn't resist slapping down quarters at the wheels, trying to win us stuffed animals.  Diane and I ended our day on the rides.  A day at the shore was pure joy. (Photos are from ABC News.)

And now, it is reduced to this:

I don't have any words for the sadness. It obviously pales in comparison to property loss and suffering, but it's another little bright touch of my childhood which is gone forever.

I never did get to celebrate Samhain OR Halloween, we go!

At least brooms don't need gas!

My final selection for haunted classical music is the Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saen.

Hope there is fair weather ahead.  Be well, everybody!

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