Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Gem of a January

January is starting out quite interestingly. Because I did not receive a bill for my medical insurance co-pay (the Company insist that I still live in North Brunswick), all my medical coverages have been canceled! I have filed an appeal – and notified my lawyer – and have hopes for reinstatement. In the interim, I have to make sure I stay flu free, and generally healthy...or I am right properly intercoursed!

Ah well. I live in interesting times.
I wanted to do something special with the blog this year, so I've decided to dedicate one post, per month, to the gem stone associated with that month. I'm not talking birthstones per astrological signs. I've never been an astrologer. I'm speaking of the month's traditional stone –something we can all utilize if it suits our needs. The stone for January is garnet.

I love garnets. I love any rich red gem (but it does come in other colors). The name derives from the Latin “granatus” which comes from pomegranate seeds. They are similar in shape, size and color to garnet crystals. Garnet has been used for thousands of years. It is a warrior stone, as well as a stone of love. That sounds conflicting, does it not? But think: all is fair in love and war, and that is because they are very alike. There is the struggle, the conquest, the engagement and the victory. Winning battles is similar to winning hearts, after all!

Garnet was reported to be one of the 12 mystical stones in the Breastplate of Arron, wore by the High Priest for Temple rites. It was considered sacred.

For centuries soldiers have carrier garnet as a talisman against injury and death. It also has healing properties in that it was said to stop the flow of blood. It can bring victory, peace and tranquility.

Garnet was thought to contain its own light, and could illuminate the dark. It was a protective stone that would turn murky or break should the wearer be in danger. When put under your pillow, it will even ward off bad dreams.

Beyond being protective, it also enhances your sense of confidence, your self-esteem, your popularity, and boosts your energy. If given as a gift, it generates loyalty. Feeling depressed? Wear a garnet. Being tormented by vicious remarks, teasing, lies and deception? Wear a garnet; it will reflect back the negative vibrations to the senders. Business not going well? Wear a garnet, or place a few loose stones in your cash box or around your shop, office, or desk. It will attract money.

Finally – and my favorite property – meditate with this stone. It will help you remember past lives and hidden information. But, be prepared. The stone is one of love and truth, even if the truth hurts. You will discover what you need, but it may not be what you want!

Rufus has been a real Mama's boy these days. Even in the evening, when I try to elevate my leg on the sofa, he is glued to my side...or my lower leg.
I finally had Gary hang my Sherlock framed prints. The house is slowly taking shape, which makes me feel more comfortable and cozy.
Gods help me, I even ordered a Sherlock and John doll from SewCoolBows on Etsy. I haven't gotten them yet, but they are adorable.
One of the things I want to look into this year is Shamanism. There is a history of it in my family, but I've always steered towards the Irish practices. Now, I want to blend those rituals with those from my Native American ancestors. The situations that dominated my life last year, and some of my spiritual experiences, have led me to that decision. To that end, and as a touchstone, I purchased a Shaman doll from Rhinestone Gypsy on Etsy. What can I say? It spoke to me.
And so it goes. My friend Goldie got me turned on to the Oscar Wilde mysteries (thanks, Goldie!) and so I have raided the library for the four that they have. I'll probably purchase the fifth. In checking out the books, I ran across the following Wilde quote which really touched me. I will use it as my close. Next post, I will include a little of my own poetry. Gods help you all! At one time I was an award winner, but my muse has been on hiatus, so it may be a bit creaky. I'm sure you'll let me know!

So blessings to all, and keep a good thought for my insurance situation. Without your prayers, my next operation may be on my dining room table!








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