Saturday, January 5, 2013


Today, January 6th, is the 159th birthday of Sherlock Holmes (he was born in 1854). You won't find this date in the “canon” or in any of Doyle's writing, but we Sherlockians know. We have our ways..

In London, New York, and various other large cities, the Baker Street Irregulars and scion groups will be having lectures, special viewings of films, and dinners. Unfortunately, I'm not healed enough to get around the big bad City, so I will celebrate here.

Below are a few of my favorite pieces of fan art, borrowed from Tumbler and similar sites where mad fans meet and share their talent. Hope you enjoy:
Sherlock, a la "Fairly Odd Parents"

Someone did a beautiful job blending Sherlock and John with Victorian style photography
We need more of these PSAs

Our new Sherlock confused by the statue of the old
Note the shadow
Perhaps my favorite: Sherlock and the bee

                                                 Blending S. Paget with our current heroes

Unworldly Inspiration?

Even Google got on board for Sir Arthur's birthday

Sherlock a la Harry Potter

I would also like to thank all the actors who brought Holmes to life. How many do you recognize?

Hans Albers, Joaquim de Almeida, Alexander Armstrong, James D'Arcy, Tom Baker, John Barrymore, Keith Baxter, Jeremy Brett, Nicolas Briggs, Clive Brook, John Cleese, Peter Cook, Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Cushing, Robert Downey, Jr., Rupert Everett, Hugo Fink, Matt Frewer, William Gillette, Sterwart Granger, John Gielgud, Guy Henry, Charlton Heston, Anthony Higgins, Carleton Hobbs, Ronald Howard, Frank Langella, Roger Llewellyn, Peter Lawford, Christopher Lee, Vasily Livanov, John Longden, Patrick Macnee, Algimantas Masiulis, Raymond Massey, Clive Merrison, Keith Mitchell, Nis Bank-Mikkelsen, Jonnny Lee Miller, David Mitchell, Ron Moody, Roger Moore, Alan Napier, Alwin Neuss, John Neville, Leonard Nimoy, Eille Norwood, Peter O'Toole, Reginald Owen, Michael Pennington, Christopher Plummer, Jonathan Pryce, Basil Rathbone, Robert Rendel, Ian Richardson, Nicholas Rowe, Richard Roxburgh, George C. Scott, Mack Sennett, Paul Singleton, Tod Slaughter, Robert Stephens, Ben Syder, Fritz Weaver, Robert Webb, Alan Wheatley, Geoffrey Whitehead, Paxton Whitehead, Nicol Williamson, Douglas Wilmer, Arthur Wonter, John Wood, Edward Woodward and Igor Petrenko.. 74 in all, and who knows how many more in the future?


Finally, thank you, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, for giving us a genre, an icon, and a damn good read. Below is one of the last interviews Sir Arthur gave before his death in 1930. He offers his insight on Sherlock Holmes and Spiritualism.


                           So happy birthday, Mr. Holmes. The game is still afoot!


  1. An interesting trip to make--William Gilette's castle in Connecticut. Things I recently learned in my research--he brought Sherlock to the British stage--his costumes and sets planned by none other than his cousin Pamela Colman Smith! Supposedly you can see some of her original paintings there. This investigation is continuing...

    1. Very interesting. I'll have to look into that. I'm familiar with Gilette's career as Sherlock, but did not know about the Tarot connection.