Friday, June 7, 2013

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Once upon a time, there was a Science Fiction magazine called Omni. In one issue, there was a cartoon that made me collapse to the floor laughing. The caption was: “It's just one damn thing after another”.

I had no idea it would become a life theme for me.

In 2006, I had uterine cancer. Everyone told me that it was just menopause. My body told me differently. They did a radical hysterectomy. The cancer was between a stage 2 and 3, so no radiation was done.

I was cancer free for 6 years. We aren't sure about last year because I could not walk to get to my doctor. He has since left St. Peter's.

This past month, I started bleeding. I knew what my body was trying to tell me. I went to a new doctor, who saw a mass. Biopsy test revealed that the cancer is back. We know it is well differentiated, which is a good thing. My prior surgeon called it “a slow, stupid cancer”. Let's hope its I.Q. hasn't risen in the last year or so.

Next step:  blood panel and CT scan with contrast. My biggest fear is that it spread to the colon, causing the constipation I've been suffering. On the other hand, my gastric issues may be a coincidence, in which case...Gods bless constipation. It I didn't have to strain, I would never have bled. I had no other symptoms or pain, so this wouldn”t have been diagnosed for a while.

Think good thoughts, everyone. I intend to go back to writing my usual blogs after this, but I will keep you all posted. After all, who wants to read a depressing cancer blog? Meh.

Thanks, folks!


  1. Sending strength, love, and many, many, many blessings!

    1. Thanks. That means a lot to me :-)

  2. Rats, dang, and blast Kat!

    (Constipation could be a gallbladder problem, you never know.)

    Yes, please do update. We are out here, wondering how you are getting on..always.

  3. It's been a comedy of errors, Judy, but things are progressing. See the newest blog.

  4. I've been looking for a print of this cartoon for years... where did you find this version? Maybe it will lead me to a cleaner image... Thanks!

    1. I remembered the caption, and just searched it under Google images. It was the only one I could find. Good luck on your search!