Thursday, August 15, 2013

One Step Closer

This will be a short, fun entry. I've been working so hard on the products for the Para-X that it's hard to believe all my items are done! Oh, there are still lists to make up, and information sheets to type (“What is a Witch's Ladder and the like), but all my clay and bead work, my sewing, pricing and bagging, are DONE.


Gary visited recently, and so I was able to get a helping hand with photos of my goods. As promised, here they are:



                                                               TAROT BAGS

                                                    SMALL STONE BAGS

                                                       OGHAM RUNE SETS

                                              HOME BLESSING/WARDING KITS

                                                   STONE SPELL POUCHES

Also, there will be  Graven Images Oracles and books for sale, as well as swag bags given out at the show.

I will be lecturing at 3pm on The True Meaning Of Halloween. I will also be handing out bags after the lecture, full of protective charms.

I also have a few goodies to share on the Sherlock fan side of things, and a one other as well. I'd like to start with the Season 3 teaser (short but sweet!)

With the departure of Matt Smith as Dr Who, I thought it would be an appropriate time to pit the 11th Doctor against the Consulting Detective:

And finally, Star Trek old and new:

Health Update: I had my third radiation treatment last week. I have a check-up on the 21st, then wait a few months for the CAT scan which will show if treatment was successful. Fingers crossed!

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