Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dearly Departed...

I really can't go too far for any kind of vacation. I mean, I need an awful lot of cumbersome stuff: knee walker, regular walker, bath chair, etc., etc.. Plus, I need to stay close to home in case of Cancer treatments. So, day trips have to do for the time being.

My friend Ellen is in a similar situation, although for a variety of different reasons. During my research into the Hall-Mills Murder, I discovered that the good Rev. is buried in Green -Wood Cemetery, New York. I had never heard of it. I did a bit more research and, lo and behold, I found that it's huge, historic, and reportedly beautiful...if you've a thing for burial spots. I mentioned this to Ellen. Turns out, she always wanted to see the place. We picked a date, and off we went, over the bridges and into the wilds of Brooklyn.

The place is amazing. It would have been ever more amazing had I remembered my camera in order to record it all. We made due with Ellen's cell phone, shot out of a car window. After all, Green -Wood is acres of tombs, and I can't do the marathon funeral crawl just yet. I did my editing magic on the images we DID capture, and they appear below. Forgive the occasional finger tip. Half the time I ended up hitting the wrong button and taking a picture of myself!

These are the gates of Green -Wood. Absolutely splendid. The best part is the little attached building on the left. It houses a nice, clean bathroom. In Brooklyn? A miracle!

This is the Green -Wood chapel. We didn't really get out to look. It was a hot day. However, I saw some interior photos on line. Next time, I'm totally going inside, walker and all.

Green -Wood is full of subtle hills and fantastic views. We followed a winding road to the left of the chapel and ended up with this view of its surrounds.

There are a lot of obelisks, as well as tombs inspired by the Egyptian Revival period.

I have a particular fondness for weeping angels. I just have to remember not to blink.

My other favorite is shrine tombs. Here are a few examples. I think a study of one genre throughout this cemetery would be a fascinating project.

This has got to be the ugliest angel...or the entire place.

How would you like to go to eternity in this angel guarded condo?

I wouldn't blink near this guy either...

Take a good look at the following picture. Yes, the angel is headless, but we aren't focusing on him/her. Notice anything different about the tomb on the left...the one with a small American flag? No?

How about the big ass bear sitting on the top?

I'm telling you, this place is a treasure. I want to go back in the Fall when the leaves are changing...and I have my own camera.

On the publishing front (and while we're on the subject of cemeteries):

Natalie Zaman and I were contacted by The Fool's Dog, a company that develops predictive decks as ipod and iphone applications. They had signed a contract with our publisher, and approached up for images and text etc. (Thank the gods Natalie is up there with the technology stuff. I still crave  quill pens and hansom cabs). Long story short, Graven Images Oracle should be premiering as an application mid-month, if all goes well. This is brilliant, exciting, and the company has handled our product with a lot of thought, care, and hard work. I can hardly wait!

That's it for now. Remember: Para-X in East Brunswick is less that 4 weeks away!

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