Monday, August 18, 2014


I would like to thank Eric Lee and Mystickal Tymes in New Hope, PA for hosting my book signing on August 9th. It was an opportunity to see family and old friends, and to get a lot of swag bags (with Fate Magazines and other goodies) into the hands of a bunch of shoppers.

There will be another one in October, date pending.

Also thanks to Bob and Maureen for providing the wheels!

On August 12th, I returned to hospital for my initial exam after radiology. There seems to be some improvement! I may not be out of the woods, but I'm definitely through the forest. I go back in six weeks. In the interim, there are things I must do to insure my internal a matter of speaking. Use your imagination. My doctors want me to do one of the things the Sisters of Charity said would give me a one-way ticket to Hell.

Wonder what Sister “Moral Mary Immaculate” (not real name, but I'm sure there's one out there) would do in my pointed shoes. She was the grade school teacher who told us the only time we should touch our bodies was when bathing. I refused to use any bathroom stall that she used before me. Then, there was the day she scratched her nose...and I merely pointed at her (a la “j accuse!”).

Yeah, I'm sure given the choice between Cancer side effects and partying down with a medical device, the convent would be playing Barry White and lighting mood candles.

During all this, owls have been popping up in dreams, cards, symbols all over the place. In one particularly disturbing dream, many of us were plunging to our deaths from an exploding castle. Some of us only survived by moving our arms to channel the wind..and in such a manner turned into huge gliding owls who landed safely. Many didn't transform, and fell to their demise in human form. Others changed too late and struck the earth in the guise of owls, or half owl/ half human.

I was an eagle owl. I still had the power of speech. I turned to an owl beside me and asked, “Why?” The answer was: adapt or die.

Many associate owls with wisdom. They are, after all, the totem animal of the goddess Athena. However, in other societies, an owl is a warning to be discreet, to keep one's own counsel. Owls are guides to inner knowledge, and clarity in the night. Perhaps it's time to look inward, to heal what is occult and not just the obvious physical. Humm...what do you all think?

Anyway, onward through the fog. I found yet another Sherlock parody. I know they're inane, but they're kinda fun. Oh! And I swiped this off a friend's Facebook posting:

Enjoy the last of the Summer sun!

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