Wednesday, January 6, 2016

162? NO S**T, SHERLOCK!!!

Happy 162nd birthday, William Sherlock Scott Holmes! January 6 is the traditional date we celebrate the birth of our favorite consulting detective. (Dr. Watson's is August 7.) I've been ill of late, or I would have baked a cake.

OK! OK! Here ya go...

All that aside, Baker Street Irregulars will be meeting in various glittering cities in order to toast the health – or durability – of our man of the hour, or ... possibly ... the decade!


Even if not given to social settings, Sherlock most assuringly enjoys his special day.

Here is a little tribute I found on YouTube::


So, many happy returns, dear Sherlock. How do you manage your incredible, methuselahan existence?

Ahh... I thought so!

Have a magical day. May you go on forever.


  1. Ah I have to watch this show! It's on my list in NetFlix and I will get to it eventually.... but Dr. Who! Anyway, the 5th was my birthday so I feel that I share a part of my Capricornia with Sherlock. :)