Thursday, December 24, 2015


Christmas Eve has often been a time to gather near the fire and tell ghost stories, a la Dickens and other tales of spirits. This year, there is the potential for a haunting of a much different sort.

It started yesterday, with the announcement of a fire in the Scottish Highlands. Boleskin House, once owned by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, was on fire, and virtually destroyed. Back in the late 1800's, it was the home and magical working space of Aleister Crowley.

Crowley had purchased the house for a very particular magical operation, in which demons were summoned in order to force them to obey higher, positive, divine principles. Once started, it HAD to be completed...and in this, Crowley failed. Take a look at the first two parts of a four part documentary on Crowley and Boleskin. It explains the situation quite clearly.

Now, fire has claimed Boleskin House. People think fire merely purges. They are wrong. In the Old Testament, in ancient times, in Paganism, fire was a means of sacrifice. Even early Christians knew burning someone at the stake was more than a matter of destroying the individual and sending them to Hell. It was a purging of inequities or sin, and releasing the spirit of the guilty to God.

Yes, fire RELEASES the spirit; sets it free. By Crowley's own admission, he had captured at least one of the spirits he called forth, and had it bound in the center of Boleskin, which is now mere smoke and embers.

The influence of Crowley's “workings” was already being felt in Inverness and the surrounding area. What fresh horrors might now be released upon the dark, restless shores of Loch Ness?

Happy Christmas, Everyone. Sleep tight.



  1. Please click on the CC and read along with the videos............. It is extremely enlightening & will give you a totally new perspective.

    1. Ellen, click on the what now?

    2. Oh...wait. I see what yoy mean. To borrow from a Sherlock short story, must have been a Greek interpeter!